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Culture and History of Guatemala

The area that is now Guatemala can look back at a long and often turbulent history. The rise and fall of the Mayan empire, the Spanish conquest and the country's struggle for independence have left deep marks on modern-day Guatemala, creating a society with different cultural identities and walks of life.

Even though the great Mayan cities of the Classic Period lay abandoned and covered by tropical jungle for more than 1000 years, the Mayan culture and tradition have lived on and are still prevalent in present-day Guatemala.

Taking you to the ruins of the great Mayan empire and showing you the culture, traditions and everyday life of contemporary Mayas is one of the areas where Adventures in Mayalandia excels:

Mayan History and Archaeology
Visit the ruins of the great Mayan cities and see how it all began! Some Mayan sites have been splendidly restored, others are still virtually untouched and even getting there can be an adventure in its own right.
Mayan Villages
For an authentic experience of the culture and traditions of modern Mayas you have to get off the beaten path. Visit small Mayan towns and villages and experience their unique ambiance!
Markets in Guatemala
There are more markets in Guatemala than the one in Chichicastenango! Each town has its own market and market days are important social and cultural events.
Mayan Textiles and Weaving
The typical Mayan clothes are certainly one of the most visible aspect of modern Mayan culture. See how they are made and learn about the ancient symbolism imbued in their colorful designs!

Let us show you the extraordinary cultural diversity of Guatemala and the time-honored traditions of the country's Mayan population!

Whatever aspect of Guatemala's vibrant indigenous culture and splendid history you wish to explore, we will tailor-make your Guatemala tour and show you the country as few tourists ever see it.

Contact us today and turn your vacation in Guatemala into a fascinating and unforgettable educational experience!


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