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White-water Rafting in Guatemala

Mayalandia can help organize your white-water rafting adventure in Guatemala!

White-water rafting in Guatemala is suitable for persons of all ages and abilities. It is important to find a river matching your physical condition and experience. Most day trips are fun and exciting for those who have never rafted. Whether you're a novice ready to experience a river rafting adventure for the first time or a veteran looking for a new river to conquer, we have the right trip for you.

The amount of time spent on the water will vary, depending on the trip, generally ranging from four hours on day trips to six or more on rafting expeditions. Late afternoon arrive at camp or transfer back to your accommodations. A bathing suit, sun block, sunglasses, a light jacket and a healthy appetite for adventure. Guatemala's experienced rafting guides will take care of everything else.

Pacific Coast

Visitors to Guatemala's South Coast can experience the thrill of white-water rafting on two rivers that plunge down steep canyons from the volcanic highlands to the coastal plains. The Naranjo River, near Coatepeque, offers almost continuous Class III+ rapids, baptized with names like the "Deep" and the "Double Dip" by white-water river guides. Depending on conditions, rafters may shoot the Naranjo's Class IV "Black Hole" rapids or portage around.

All trips begin with safety orientation and rafting instructions, to assure a safe trip for rafters of all levels of experience. Vistas along the six-hour trip include waterfalls cascading down the steep, fern-covered walls of the river canyon and colorful parrots flying overhead. The tamer Coyolate River, near Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa, boasts Class II and III rapids, along with magnificent views of waterfalls, parrots and lush, tropical vegetation. Each of these thrilling river trips can be done in a single day, with time out for a picnic along the river bank, and even a tour of the Abaj Takalik Maya ruin.

Alta/Baja Verapaz

One of the most beautiful regions in Guatemala, Alta Verapaz and Baja Verapaz is accessible only by river. Single day white-water rafting and smooth scenic float trips are incorporated into may of our itineraries as a means to explore remote canyons and watersheds in search of wildlife. Boarding the rafts and begin descending the Rio Lanquín to where it confluence with the Rio Cahabón. Continue on the Cahabón; navigate some of the river's largest and most difficult rapids. The day is full of excitement, a perfect combination of rapids, tranquil pools, friendly Maya-Kekchi natives and wild life. Enjoy de subtropical jungle with large variety of orchids and bromeliads blooming throughout the year.

Multi-day Rafting Expeditions

Multi-day rafting expeditions are also available for those seeking to explore remote wilderness unreachable by other means. Experience Guatemala's best white-water on the Rio Cahabon. The river offers the perfect combination of exciting class III-IV rapids pass through a patchwork of tranquil pools, coffee plantations and wildlife rich jungle. Along the way look for birds and wildlife such as tucans and monkey.


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